City Tools

The City of Keizer website has a wealth of information for members of the community.  We’ve collected some key links here for your use.


graffitiIf you see graffiti within city limits, report it!  Reports help Keizer Police to keep track of graffiti activity and help Public Works with clean up.  Your reports help get this neighborhood issue under better control.

Volunteer Graffiti Abatement

Want to help the City with graffiti cleanup?

Graffiti abatement kits are now available to check out from the City of Keizer to help citizens clean up graffiti and take ownership of their community.

Kit includes: bucket, paper towels, gloves, Vandex cleaning spray, spray paint to cover, trash bags, respirator, and safety glasses.

Steps for volunteer graffiti abatement:

  1. Check out the kit from City Hall and fill out a release form
  2. Take a photo of the graffiti
  3. Fill out the graffiti report through the online portal
  4. Clean up the graffiti
  5. Take a photo of the cleaned up graffiti
  6. Fill out the graffiti report again to show clean up (this helps Public Works keep track of what’s been cleaned up)
  7. Return the kit to City Hall

Salem-Keizer Regional Scenario Planning

The City of Salem, the City of Keizer and Marion County are working together to explore how to create more sustainable transportation options for you to get around the region safely and quickly.